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Book Club Spotlight: Tamerlane Coffeecup Book Club Could you share more about the unique way that your book club operates?
In our book club we don’t all read and discuss the same book, but we talk about the titles each of us are reading. To a very large extent the book club is an evolving journal of ideas which I am working on.
Here is a song Jeanette may remember Its All In The Game
I published a new essay today on MediumThe Tree of Knowledge

If you would like to participate you are welcome and encouraged to do so right here...right now. You may subscibe to the book club at the bottom of the discussion section. Chose a user name and optional photo. It is free of course and always will be. You can opt out at any time. You will receive email updates when new information is posted to the book club. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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The Story of Civilization by Will & Ariel Durant

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